Make them count


drive inMy hubby and I had a date night the other night.  I didn’t feel like sitting in a noisy restaurant or spending lots of money so instead we ate dinner outside on the patio, switched off all the lights and watched a video on my laptop and pretended we were at a drive in movie.  It was really fun.

Often we find ourselves working very hard or procrastinating and putting important things aside.  I do it myself, working late into the night.  Sometimes it can’t be helped but now and then I have to stop myself and ask “What is most important to me?”.

What is important to you?

I look at my children growing up so fast and I know time won’t stand still for me.  I don’t want to regret that I wasted precious time with them.

I ask myself… One day when I am old and looking back on my life, will I say “I wish I had spent more time working or browsing the web?” No.  I wouldn’t.  Sometimes I wonder, if I only had a short time to live, what would I do with that time?  I certainly wouldn’t sit at the computer working.  No, I would want to spend the last months of my life with the people I love.  I would probably write letters saying how I feel about them or important things I want them to know.  I would want to spend time in nature, having fun and laughing.  Relaxing together, looking into their eyes.  That’s what I would do if I had a choice.  But life doesn’t necessarily work that way, does it.  So why wait?

Yes, sometimes I will work late into the night, but most times I can scat loadingtop in the middle of what I’m doing and go and lie down with my child and watch a short funny cat video with him before he goes to sleep and we’ll cuddle for a few minutes.  Sometimes I let him fall asleep while stroking his hair.  These are the moment that count for me.

With teenagers it’s a bit different  They don’t always want the cuddling or to spend time with oldies.  If they want to talk, I stop what I’m doing and listen.  I hope they remember the good times, one day.

Life happens just like that (click your fingers) …. One minute it’s morning and then it’s night.  We don’t remember much about what happened in between if we don’t make time for what’s important to us.

Make your life happen for you, make the days count.

dont count the days


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