The heavy load and the dog that didn’t fit


dog2On one of the public holidays last week, my hubby and I took our dog for a walk.  The previous night he had gotten stuck trying to get outside.  He just couldn’t fit through the bars.  He is a bit of a lover of human food and especially sweet sugary food or dustbin food.  If we forget to turn the bin towards the wall when we leave the house, we come home to find that he has helped himself to what’s inside.

(This picture of him is after he’s had a bath, he doesn’t always look like that especially after digging in the bin).

Anyway, it was the festival of Purim, the day when lots of sweet goodies arrived at our house in the form of gifts and my dog managed to get hold of two chocolate muffins and half a loaf of bread (he can just reach the counter).  We came home from our Purim dinner to find him smiling with the tell tale signs of his shenanigans.  It was soon after that we noticed he couldn’t fit through the bars to get outside.

That long story was just to tell you that we went for a walk.  And that’s not what this story is about.

While we were walking we saw a man carrying a pile of wooden window blinds along the main road near where we live and he was struggling to manage the heavy pile.  He had to keep putting it down and resting. heavy load

It struck me how privileged we are if we have our own transport.  I do think about it regularly and thank G-d for all we have including our own transport.  We can just put heavy things like shopping into our boot or fetch the kids from school and even that we complain about doing!  I remember as a teenager when we didn’t have a car and we had to trudge up this massive hill to get to our flat, someone stopped and gave us a lift the one time and I was so happy that I didn’t have to walk any further.

No matter what position we are in financially (because it’s not only about finances) we can be grateful for what we have.  Let’s face it, many people are struggling at the moment no matter what it looks like on the outside.  When I say it’s not only about finances, just look at your eyes in the mirror and be thankful for that.  You have eyes and you can see.  We have sooo much, let’s not take it for granted.

A Rabbi once told a group of us “if you are blessed with material goods then use it for good”.  Use your car to visit someone who is sick or to deliver food to someone who can’t go shopping.  Use your house to invite someone for a meal.  You know… that kind of thing.

I really do appreciate what I have and being grateful definitely helps to put things in perspective especially when things are a little bit tougher.

Even if I’m feeling sad or frustrated about something, reminding myself about how much I have in the form of blessings easily brightens me up.

I wish you a week of gratitude and appreciation for your blessings.

With love


happy life (2)

  1. Doggie photo taken by me
  2. Heavy load photo found on the web
  3. Happy life quote by Thomas S Manson but changed slightly by me.

2 thoughts on “The heavy load and the dog that didn’t fit

  1. Shelley

    Hi Eve, love what you wrote, I agree with you one hundred percent, I remember the days that I had to stay after school for sports, and had to walk all they way home, to oxford road, it was hard on us, that is why we did not stay at sports for that long even if we wanted to, we never got lifts from people. The story about the dog, gorgeous, naughty boy, but you can train him if you had the time.


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