Gnawing in my stomach


stressed person (2)You get into bed late at night and suddenly you get a gnawing feeling in your stomach.

No it’s not hunger… it’s fear.  You think you have about 1000 things to do but you are too tired to care.  You get into bed and toss and turn and have dreams about guests arriving and there’s no food on the table!  Aaaahhh!

Spending 5 or 10 minutes planning your next day before you go to sleep will go a long way to help you to be organised and more peaceful.  You will probably also realise that you don’t have 1000 things to do but about 20 or so.

Living organised takes away much of the day to day stress caused by the seemingly never ending list of tasks that we need to get through in a day.

grass.jpgWorking with a diary is helpful because you can see how much time you have – realistically – to fulfill what you are planning.

I’m reading a book called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and he suggests that we should find one thing to do at a time and focus fully on that thing (instead of multi-tasking).  I’m working on doing that at the moment.  I set aside a certain amount of time to do one thing and then I try my best to stick to that (what with my wandering mind and all).  For example, I will give myself one hour (at a time) to write this blog and in that time I don’t get up for coffee, ice cream or chocolate.  I have to wait until the hour is over 🙂 organised 1

I don’t do planning every night, however I can totally see the difference in my productivity and in my stress levels when I plan ahead.  If I go to sleep with a do-sheet in my head, it feels like I will never get anything done because there’s just TOO MUCH.  If I allocate the tasks to a specific time in my diary to do tomorrow, the day after or even next week then they are out of my head and I can relax and by default sleep better.

When I don’t plan and instead keep my list in my head, I tend to procrastinate because my mind is saying it’s TOO MUCH and so I go into avoidance.

Having said that, be flexible and realistic.  Add in time for travelling, parking, packing lunch, buying petrol, drawing monempty tankey etc.  If you go past your time with a certain task, don’t go into “panic mode”, it will give you an idea of how much time you need for that task next time.

Remember to put me-time in your diary too.

P-L-A-N = Prepare Late at Night (I made that up haha)

With love

Eveorganised 2

(Pictures used in this post were donated by the world wide web)





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