In this moment I start afresh


Start anewEvery breath is a new beginning.


There….now is a new beginning.


Now is a new beginning.



Every moment is an opportunity to renew ourselves

It’s liberating to know that we can make mistakes and carry on.  We can say the wrong things and apologise, make amends.  We can eat food that we know gives us physical pain and start again in the next moment – we don’t have to wait until tomorrow or Monday.  We can start a new project even if we think we would fail at it.  We can speak to someone beautifully now even if yesterday we spoke to them in a less than becoming way.  We can try again to drop our old habits that we find difficult to release.  We can forgive ourselves for being impulsive and let go to start afresh.  Each moment is a time to start anew and recommit.

What have you done that you would like to renew or restart?


What would you like to do in the future?  What is it you really want in the different facets of your life?  How do you think you will go about doing it?  What keeps stopping you?


Those crisps I ate the other night, kept me up with indigestion.  The smoke you inhaled reminded you of why you wanted to quit.  When you said something embarrassing and exposed yourself in a way that you regretted, how long did it take you to get over it?  When I was late for an appointment again I criticised myself and felt tense in my urgency.

Be breathing wolfhonest with yourself.


Each moment is new.  You can recommit and start again with every breath.

With love


targetThe Power of Purpose

Six session course in Personal Effectiveness


  • More to Life Mentors: Eve Marks and Leslie Shapiro
  • How many: Small group of no more than 15 people so book soon to avoid disappointment.  Deposit of R550 confirms your place.
  • Dates: Tuesday evenings 16 August to 20 September
  • Venue: TBA but either in or close to Glenhazel, Johannesburg.
  • Time: 18h15 to 21h30
  • Who can attend: Anyone over the age of 18
  • Fee: Only R2600! includes a manual and refreshments – it works out to only R145 per hour! Payment plan available.
  • Early bird special price: is R2200 if you book with a deposit before 19 July!  That works out to only R122 per hour and saves you R400!  Payment plan available.

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