Empowered Difference


self esteem - individualityIt’s seems tough to be different.  Different means standing out.  It means taking a stand on what you believe in and it can hurt.  Some people think that their difference is not worthy to be out-standing.  They hide in the background or try to blend in, hiding their inner selves, their essence, their values, their beauty.

But did you know that even though you are a human like the rest of the humans milling about, you are useful, capable, beautiful, amazing in your own way and if you let that inner light shine outwards, you will be able to light up others who need it too.  Not only that but when you start to use your difference for something worthwhile, you will feel empowered and strong.  You will forget why you ever thought that hiding your inner beauty was a good idea in the first place.

By the way, you are different but so is every single person in this world.  There is no one who is the same as another.  Even identical twins are different.

So in essence we are all the same.

There’s no sense in hiding now is there?

With love


The Power of Purpose Aug Sept 2016



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