courageHere’s an example of an ineffective apology:  “I’m sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I’ve said”.

We all make mistakes, that is part of our humanness.  Saying sorry is not an easy thing to do, it can be embarrassing and cringeworthy but it’s an important element in relationships and in our soul work.

Many relationships are uncomfortable or even end because we are too proud to say sorry or because we think we are right and refuse to say sorry.

It’s more important to let go of the “principle of the matter” sometimes and be the bigger person.  People find themselves not speaking to people for years because of the “principle of the matter”.  Is it so important to be right?  Families can be split apart by principles.

Pride is a blocking component of saying sorry.  It’s embarrassing to apologise because then we have to admit that we were wrong.  We often make the same mistake over and over and then it feels like we are grovelling to say sorry and don’t you just hate that!? It’s never too late however, to work on ourselves in an attempt to not make those same mistakes again.  It may take time so recognise your fallibility, forgive yourself as well and recommit to doing better next time.

If someone doesn’t want to accept your apology then work at it and try again if the relationship means something to you.

sorry-smurfAll relationships we have can teach us something.  Try and learn what that is.  Step towards peace, using love, logic and compassion as your tools.

Are you willing to be wrong?  Take the risk.

With love


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