The Magic of Beginnings


change - butterflies“And suddenly you know…. it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”

Today I realised something about myself that I hadn’t realised before.  I’ve been acting in a certain way that bothers me if others do it.  A remarkable woman I know revealed this to me and with an uncomfortable giggle I admitted she was right.

I’m grateful she showed me where I’m going wrong because it’s not how I want to be.  I could continue in my old ways of course (which is the easier option) and enable others to do the same or I could leap into the unknown which is a bit scary but has exciting possibilities and that’s the route I’d rather take.

I’m trusting the magic of beginnings, I’m trusting that the path I’m taking will lead me closer to where I want to be as a person.  It most likely won’t be all clear sailing because when I change myself there are adjustments to be made by everyone involved and people – generally speaking – don’t like change.

It’s hard to look at ourselves sometimes but if we take the challenge there’s so much to look forward to.

I’m excited about this!

With love


A smidgen of truth?


I’ve said before that criticism is a matter of opinion and I stand by that.

There is also another side of criticism which is what today’s piece is about.  It’s something that isn’t easy to hear and it’s this:  There may be some truth in the criticism.

criticism - rumi with diamondBefore you dismiss what someone is saying, listen.  Take it in and stir it around.  Is there a smidgen of truth in what they say?

If you can see it you are at an advantage because right in front of you is an opportunity to grow.  Everyone we meet can teach us something.

Rather than getting tense, angry or ignoring what they say, take a moment to hear it.

The criticism doesn’t define you.  Know who you are and then the comment won’t diminish you.  Learn from it and at the same time let it roll off you (like water off a duck’s back).  Then move on.

Underneath it all, you are wonderful and worthy.

criticism - aristotleLet’s free ourselves from what’s holding us back in our own lives.

With love