Gaining Freedom


Freedom from CaptivityFreedom is available at any time to anyone – and so is captivity – Martha Beck

Most of us are captives of our minds.  We spend much of the day thinking about things which cause us stress.  But are those things we think really true?  So many people are riddled with anxiety – life can be pretty stressful.  Much of the time though, we are thinking thoughts that create this anxiety and therefore captivity.

Some big things that we may be  anxious about are health, safety, financial security, problems with relationships, children, are we living the life we want to live, can we cope with whatever it is we are doing, work, etc.  These are big but worrying about them only causes anxiety, it doesn’t solve the issues.

What can help?

Writing is such a healing practise and it costs nothing except maybe a pen and paper.  Write down all the things that are worrying you and then see if they are true or not.  We often think things are true that are not.  This is something that I can help you get clarity with if you are struggling to figure it out.  Spoiler alert: Most of what we think is false.

Writing in a journal a few times a week, all your thoughts, your ideas, possible solutions to the problems you have…. is very cathartic.  When we leave those thoughts in our heads, they stay there, going round and round, causing anxiety.

Spiritual Practise
Praying, Meditating, Trusting, Breathing.  Whatever your religion (or non-religion) there is some form of spiritual practise that can help you to feel calmer.  Look for ideas within your tradition that can help you.

Speak to Someone
Speak to a person you who is objective and who you trust.  If you are petrified that the world is going to end soon, don’t confide in your friend who has the same fear.  Speak to someone who understands you and doesn’t judge you but has a more logical approach and can help you put some of your fears aside.  If you don’t have someone like that then hire someone to help you.

Becoming free of the captivity we hold ourselves in means becoming aware and doing some work but it’s good work and you will feel the difference.

Go for it.  Loosen the shackles that bind you.

With love


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