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The world is obsessed with being thin.  When I do a search for the word healthy or health tips, most of the posts that come up are based on being thin, losing weight, getting super fit.  I have to sift through countless articles or images on losing weight until I find something I am actually looking for.

What if people stopped worrying about being thin and just thought about being happy and about being kind?

Think about it.

Being thin is fine but so is not being thin.  People who aren’t thin are not insufficient in who they are, they are not inferior, they are not unattractive.  If one takes a closer look at the person, perhaps makes eye contact, one sees a beautiful being.  People are judged by a shallow concept.

Body type preferences change over time.  What was popular in the 80’s is not popular today and what is desired is often unrealistic.  Everyone knows that 90% of pictures in magazines are photoshopped to give a perfect look.  People are self conscious for being born with a body that’s not in fashion.  If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense.

How about learning to love the body you’re in whether you’re fat or thin?

With love



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