How to Holiday


Living into artIt’s that time of year again where we start to wind down and have a break from the everyday running around, busyness and routine (at least in the Southern Hemisphere).  Whether you are going on holiday or staying at home, here are some tips to have a wonderful rest.

Tech Detox
If you spend a lot of your holiday on your phone or computer, even if you are watching movies or playing games, you will find that the holiday disappears before your very eyes and that you don’t feel rested at all.  Switch off your technological items as often as possible and do things that require connection with others or me-time when you need.  Spend time in nature even if it’s in your own garden or at the park.

Me Me Me Me Me
Families often rely on Moms or Dads for everything and this can be very demanding and tiring.  Get family members involved if you have to do housework and make sure you get some time to have long showers, solitary cups of tea, walks in nature and fabulous naps.  Swap time to look after the family so that each of you get the luxury of free moments which are so needed.

Linger on the Good
Holiday time can fly by so try to be present as much as possible.  Enjoy all the good moments.  Be grateful for what you have and for what is going right in your life.  Make time for the people that you are with. Find the fun. Hug the trees. Lie on the grass.

Whether it’s your mind or your home, make a little time to declutter so that you can go into 2019 with some fresh space and perspective.

On a budget
If you are on a tight budget and are staying at home, find things to do together that are entertaining.   Look online for creative ideas of what to do on a tight budget.  You can make your holiday fun no matter what.

I will still be consulting on some days during the holiday period so feel free to contact me.

I wish you a beautiful, restful, peaceful, healthy, fun holiday season.

With love