Your Silver Lining

silver liningOne day you’ll tell your story of how you’ve overcome whatever you’re going through now.  And your story will become part of someone’s survival guide.

Life can be so hectic sometimes, right?  There are many people going through enormous upheaval, illness, financial problems, relationship crises…. everyone has something difficult to deal with at some time in their lives.

I’ve learned a few things lately….

Support is key
If you try do everything on your own it will be almost impossible to deal with a crisis.  People need people.  It is a completely different experience dealing with a hectic situation by yourself as opposed to speaking to someone and getting it off your chest or getting advice.

Calm down
It may seem like the sewerage has hit the fan but after a day or two (if not sooner), calm down.  When you find a solution to your problem or step one to the solution, you will be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Freaking out doesn’t seem to help.

Do something different
Treating the issue the same way you’ve always treated it is not going to help.  It never did before so why should it now?  Find a new way to deal with the issue – look online for ideas or speak to somebody who is objective.

Be nice
To yourself.  Do some things for you that you need. It’s hard to deal with crises when you are depleted, exhausted and frazzled.

Silver lining
While it doesn’t seem like there is one, there always is one.  Look for that silver lining.  What could the gift be in your situation?  Could you be spending more time with people you love?  Could you be educating yourself on things you didn’t know before?  Could you be building relationships?  Could you be learning new skills?  Whatever it is for you, look for that silver lining because that is going to help you realise that there is a purpose in what you are going through.  It’s not for nothing.

You are a beautiful, capable, strong, creative, wise human being.  Remember that.

With love


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