The Healing Power of (80’s) Music

Image result for monica and rachel dancingDon’t stop believin… hold on to that feelin – Journey
There’s been a lot going on for me lately and some of it has been quite challenging.  Luckily I am blessed with a resilience that is borne from a place long ago where I don’t allow myself to become depressed.  Sad is okay for me but not depressed.

To those who are reading this who are depressed or who have suffered with depression in the past I am not saying that all depression is a choice, I’m just staying that when I feel very down I am petrified of getting too low to pick myself up again so I don’t allow it and I find a way to get out of that state of mind as quickly as possible and I have tools to help me through.

Today I had some time to myself to work on a book that I’m writing.  I searched You Tube for “the best 80’s cleaning music” – that is music to clean a house to.  When I have chores to do I listen to that kind of music because it’s fun to sing and dance along to.  Because of the music I got a lot done and felt really uplifted and happy.

80’s music is my music, but yours might be completely different.  Music has an amazing ability to heal, whether it’s singing along to sad lyrics when you are feeling broken hearted or dancing along to spiritual music or relaxing to classical music (or jazz). – Choose what makes you happy.

Music is a real boost when days feel pressurised or stressful.  Let me know if you try it and what your favourite music is.

With love


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