Only 90 times!


purpose - 90 years and call it life When I saw this quote I had a moment of shock.  If we have the opportunity to live to 90 or above, let’s use 90 as an example… then we only have 90 times to do a year.  It may seem obvious to you but to me it was one of those aha moments that Oprah talks about.  Only 90 times to try it over.  Only 90 times to do whatever it is I’m trying to do. That’s so little!  If I only have 90 times I want to make those times count.  Keeping in mind we don’t all get 90 times.

This post is not meant to be morbid, it’s meant to wake us.

What do I want to be doing?

Some people have a bucket list, I prefer to call mine “exciting things to do in my life at some stage” list but those things might take years to achieve.  So I have a “meaningful priority list” which is for everyday use (it’s not necessarily written down).  I feel frustrated with myself if a day ends and I haven’t done at least one thing in my “meaningful priority” list.

What have I done today to be proud of?

I think the key for me is to look at what is important in my life and to make sure I do one or some of those. I learned some skills on the Power of Purpose in this regard (click for more info).

Yes, our days are often filled with seemingly meaningless or routine tasks like sitting in traffic, cleaning up, standing in queues.  That’s the way it is.  However, if we see them as meaningless they will be.  But if we can somehow figure how to put them into our “meaningful priorities” list we can change them and the way we feel about them.

purpose - elderly couple eating ice creamHow can we do this?

We can gripe and groan about standing in the queue or we can make conversation with a fellow queue member or use the time to text a friend who is in need of some love.  We can hate the traffic or we can use it as a time to listen to a really good podcast or some favourite music or greet the people along the way with a smile making their days – and by the way, making someone else’s day often makes yours.

We can sit watching movies or series to switch off from our restlessness (which is really our soul saying “hey, let’s do something”) or we can make watching a movie a real treat now and then.  We can include our children while cooking even though the cleaning up afterwards will take much longer.

Let’s make the most of each year we have because it’s not just a year, it’s an opportunity, a chance.

Let’s start with today…. We don’t have to wait until the 1st of January.

With love


The Phenomena of the reading children


L - Reading in carMy son who is 10, is an avid reader, like the rest of his family.  The minute he gets into the car after school, he opens his book and starts to read.  To me it can be a bit annoying at times because what am I – a taxi driver?  I wouldn’t mind a bit of conversation.  I was worried it was a bit anti-social because how can he communicate with the other boys when he is concentrating on reading?

Anyway, today he was feeling sick and I fetched him early from school.  I still had to do the afternoon lift for the other boys though.

As one of the boys got into the back of the car, he said “I think I’m going to try what Lee does”.  I thought he was going to say “phone my mom and go home early”.  Instead he said “I’m going to try read”.  Lo and behold the boy in the front seat decided he was going to try too.  They were worried they would be nauseous from the motion.  They were fine.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Total silence and two 10 year olds reading in my car.  Apparently, “everybody” in their class is reading the Alex Rider series (by Anthony Horowitz).  I think I should read it too to see what’s so exciting about it.

This is called “good peer pressure”.  Actually I don’t know what it’s called but I think it’s great that these boys are loving reading.