Your Vision – A Life Hack


change-rose-budI’ve been reading The Breakthrough Experience by Dr John F. Demartini (non-fiction).  He tells his story about how he made it from being told by his grade 1 teacher that he would never be able to read, write or communicate and that he would never amount to anything…. to becoming a world renowned writer and communicator, having written 40 books so far and talking in most countries around the world for most of the year motivating, inspiring and changing people’s lives.

There’s so much to write about what he says but one of the stories that struck me this past week is about affirmations.  John dropped out of school and left home when he was 14 and when he was 17 he met a 93 year old man who helped him to see his vision for his life which was related to being an orator and speaking to millions of people about universal laws and spiritual healing.  He asked the man (Mr Bragg) how he would be able to actualise his vision if he was practically illiterate.  The man advised him to keep saying to himself (with conviction) every day of his life, for the rest of his life “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom”.  He said that once this affirmation becomes part of every cell in his body, the people around him would start to believe it too and would react accordingly.  He decided then to go back home and learn to read and finish school.  With the help of tutors he received his matric equivalent and wrote University entrance exams.  Two years later he was studying for his calculus exam in the library and one of his classmates asked him if he could study with him.  He said sure and before he knew it there were a whole lot of guys from his class sitting around the table studying with him and asking him questions.  He heard one guy whisper to another guy “That guy John, he’s a genius.  He’s a friggin’ genius”.  After hearing this John suddenly realised with a tear in his eye that his impossible dream was starting to become a reality.

change-energy-you-want-to-attractYou can also have an affirmation for yourself that you say with meaning and intention.  An affirmation that is particularly suited to you.  Say it every day, many times a day until it becomes part of you and then keep saying it.

Your affirmation must resonate with you and fit you.  You can choose your own or I can help you and we can work together to find the one that works best for you related to your specific circumstances.

Wishing you a week of building yourself (and others) up.


Beauty Confessions

card choose words with care

Drawing by Eve Marks

In the 80’s when I was growing up I had a skewed self image.

I remember when I first came to the realisation that the thoughts I had had about myself were false.  I was looking through some old photographs in my early 30’s and realised that as a teen and in my early to mid twenties I actually looked quite good.

The problem was that I measured myself up against the 80’s supermodels and some of my skinny friends and I saw myself as unattractive.  I was self-conscious and didn’t like my outer self.

I spent a lot of my life trying to match up to the standards that I thought I should be meeting which became a struggle.  I later found I have hypothyroidism so losing weight is not a simple thing anyway.

At some point in my life and I can’t remember the exact moment, because it’s been a gradual growing of consciousness, I started to accept myself and appreciate myself for who I am and as I am.

Looking through old photos made me realise something.  I’ve always been younger and “prettier” before, but I didn’t appreciate myself at those times.  During one of my wrinkle inspections recently, I reminded myself to appreciate my face and body as it is now.  One day when I’m in my 70’s I’m going to think I looked so young at 47.  Why wait till then for the realisation?  I want to enjoy my self now.


On a swing – Photo by  Shannen Marks

I’ve changed the way I think about things.  These days I want to be healthy and I want to be fit.  When I eat healthy food and do exercise I feel satisfied, content and strong.

Loving and appreciating myself has been a process but I am in a place in my life where I like myself most of the time and I think I look good as I am.  I don’t believe that I have to compare myself with others or be thin.  In fact I like having some substantiality to my figure.  I may not meet so-and-so’s idea of beauty, but that’s okay with me.

If you appreciate and approve of yourself, your beauty from within shines outwards and people see it.  I have noticed over the years that when I feel good about myself and when I’m happy, people notice something different about me.  They think I’ve lost weight but really I’ve lost something else, self-disapproval.

beautiful2And by the way this applies to all people who struggle with their self image in some way, whether it’s skin, hair, being too overweight or underweight, lips too big, nose too long, eyes too this, ears too that…… you know.

I’m writing this in the hope that someone who struggles with their self image will be inspired to start liking themselves as they are now because it really can change life.

With love





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